Dec 4, 2008

Curio Cabinets: A Modern, Family-Friendly Approach

I vaguely remember the concept of a formal living room. In fact, I think my parents still have one. Antique glass vases, a tea set, etc. arranged perfectly on sofa and accent tables. The reality is though, that the formal living room just isn't a part of the average modern life. If you have kids, you need a style that's both comfortable and attractive, with the breakables kept out of reach.

The term "curio cabinet" conjures images of highly-polished, slightly stuffy, old-school furniture. But I've found something that breaks that mold: The ColorTime Collection by Philip Reinisch. Bright, contemporary colors punctuated by wood shelves, drawers, and a wood-panel back. This collection has two corner curio cabinet models -- super popular right now and perfect for your comfortable and stylish living space.

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